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How to completely remove a printer driver on Windows 10

On January 15, 2020, Vulkan 1.2 was released by the Khronos Group. This second major update to the API integrates 23 additional commonly-used proven Vulkan extensions into the base Vulkan standard. OpenGL uses the high-level language GLSL for writing shaders, which forces each OpenGL driver to implement its own compiler for GLSL. This then executes […]

How to Install Drivers

An outdated driver will have a lot of issues with the device. The problems include display problems, brightness adjustment issues, mouse not detected, etc. In Windows 10, you can update your device drivers by connecting to the internet and selecting the printer driver that needs updating. You can also manually search for a printer driver […]

Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

Moreover, if you look for Windows 10 activators, you will find a number of different tools are available. But it is not feasible to anticipate their genuineness by just looking at them. You need to be careful enough before installing any such activator for Windows 10. If you wish to download and install the Windows […]

PRO-10 series Printer Driver Ver 1 06 Windows

I replaced my motherboard and processor and I didn’t have a problem. I even installed versions of windows on different hard drives plug the hard drive into a totally different computer and windows loads right up. There are many reasons to upgrade the motherboard. Sometimes, the motherboard Go Now fails like other components of a […]

How to Factory Reset Windows 10

The feature is called Reset this PC, and it’s convenient if you’re experiencing stability of performance issues or selling the computer and want to clean it up. While working on Windows 10, you may encounter several issues. If your computer is giving you strange errors or performing slowly, then it’s probably time for a reset. […]

windows 10 restart when installing nvidia driver?

The computer’s Keyboard Setup Assistant automatically launches. Follow the instructions on your computer screen to configure the Keyboard afresh. To Complete the uninstall, select “Reboot Now” in the dialog below. Go to the Start Menu of your system, click open the menu. He loves to troubleshoot and write about Windows. Do you want to restart […]

msvcp140 dll and vcruntime140 dll errors. , page 2 Forum

After the installation is complete, please restart the computer. On rare occasions, the program is not recognizing the vcruntime140.dll, even though it is installed correctly. This error is usually caused by a corrupted or missing msvcp.dll file. It is important to discuss the possible solutions to the Vcruntime140_1.dll missing or not found error because it […]

How to defrag your hard drive in Windows 10

For decades, desktop and laptop owners have been told to defragment their hard drives to get the best performance, especially on Windows-based PCs. Defragging reorganizes the drive so the operating system isn’t spending more time gathering up all the scattered pieces when loading a program or file. In Windows 8/10, the drives are automatically scheduled […]